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The Hair you always dreamed of …

Tape In Extensions....

Bobbipins N.Y. works exclusively with the ultra- thin adhesive extension system by Hairtalk. The superior quality of Remy human hair coupled with hairtalk’s selection of non-damaging, hypoallergenic adhesive bands result in discreet and comfortable extensions that blend flawlessly and invisibly with natural hair.

Extensions are available in three different band sizes allowing the designer to custom create your look in minutes, without the harmful effects of tools, heat or chemicals.

Ways to use Hairtalk

  • add volume

  • add length

  • add color effects

  • haircut correction

  • create or change shape

  • perfect up styles.


  • Long Lasting

  • Feels Like Your Own Hair

  • Can Be reused a Few Times

  • Style as You Wish, Set, Iron, Blowout

  • Holds the Style All Day Long

How long do the extensions last ?

6 months Applications last 8 to 10 weeks varying on your hair growth guests must schedule a removal and reapplication within that time to eliminate tangling and ensure the extension is always close to the scalpand the bond remains seamless.

Cost of Hair

Pricing begins at $95+ for one 10 extension pack but varies depending on length & type. Guests Must have a consultation to determine exact pricing.

Application $150.00

Removal and Reapplication $250.00+

Hair Samples:

I will need a sample of your hair with the up to date color, clearly visible, Preferably two weeks prior to the application date. If you are going to color your natural hair prior to the application be sure to get me the sample AFTER your color appointment and desired color is reached, or the extensions will not match.

The quality of the hair and adhesive bands are warranteed by the manufacturer for 6 months from the date of purchase. Excluded from the warranty is the color on specialty items which are subject to fading & damage due to client use. Please initiate a warranty issue via email to, subject: Extension issue.